1. Ettore Sottsass, Design Metaphors, 1988

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  2. "People like Martin Parr won’t get a free copy of my book because I don’t like the entire idea of having these mega-gurus who decide what’s good and what’s not. They do not represent the self-publishing scene, but they still dominate it. I think we have to build up a new generation of publishers and stop kissing the asses of yesterday’s authority figures. Self-publishing should be anti-establishment. The way things are going right now narrows down the very broad spectrum of the photography book scene. Look at all the photography blogs, which mention the same 30 – 40 book titles that everyone is mentioning that year. Luckily enough there are also some photography blogs that are really committed to showing you works you would otherwise not see."

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    [it’s because most of photography is ruled by nepotism and white privilege.]

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    Cover for VALIS “The Demolished Man” on DKA Records


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    Olimpia Zagnoli

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    Kazuo Kitai - One Road (2014)

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    'legs vii, 2007'

    by *tracey emin*

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    keeping the keys safe!




  14. Issey Miyake MOVES, 2002

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  15. Flag Show by studio-set