1. From "A Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers"

    So many different ways to make a letter. Some of these styles appear in designs today, altered or re-interpreted, unconsciously or otherwise. As Wim Crouwel says: “You are always a child of your time, you can not step out of that!”

    And in our time, looking backwards has been a “trend” of sorts. Backwards at what? Everything. Things from the 70s to things from last month. Swiss Modernism, Dadaism, Futurism, and loads of other Isms. And sometimes inward.

    Is trend a dirty word? Is it undesirable to be thought of as trendy?

    Removing my intellectual designer hat, these letters are gorgeous and the book is very revealing in its examination and how-to examples.

    In the mean time, Trend List is worth looking at for an entryway in the “trend” discussion ( I also borrowed their Wim Crouwel quote ).

    You can download the complete PDF and many other books here courtesy of Public Collectors.
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